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My site name comes from my fond memories of my grandparents, particularly each summerís preparation and tending of Grandmaís large, round pansy patch. Grandma and I would prepare the ground and Grandpa would bring home two boxes of pansies. Grandma and I would plant them with love. Then it was my job to weed, water, and deadhead these lovely, little pansies all summer long. When I started my own business, I honored my grandparents by naming it Carolís Pansy Patch.

I also wish to thank my mom for teaching me that with persistent hard work and honesty anything is possible. I started crafting with painting, but sought something new. I dabbled for a couple of years with soaping. When the interest continued, I went in search of a better soap base. My search produced wondrous results which I am happy to share with you. Carolís Pansy Patch has now seen ten years of growth with this latest step onto the Internet. I thank you, Mom, for your years of wisdom and inspiration.

Thank you also to my husband, Gary, who prepared and ate many meals alone and watched many movies alone as I was busy growing the Pansy Patch.

My thank you and gratitude to my friends and neighbors, Lew and Sharon, who helped make the Pansy Patch possible.

Iíve made many friends through crafting and hope this Website brings me more.


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