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Adorn your powder room with a bar of Cornucopia soap for the fall season. This bar is made with oatmeal base and is fragranced with Oatmeal, Milk and Honey. Weight 3.9 ounces.
$ 5.00

Ribbon Candy
Ribbon candy soap may bring back memories of your childhood with it's sweet fragrance and layered colors. Made with Shea Butter soap base which helps protect your skin from winter winds. Set of three bars; 3.5 ounces each. Orange & White - Orange fragrance; Red & White - Black Cherry Bomb fragrance; Green & White - Lavender fragrance.
$ 10.00

White Wreath
A lovely bar of Shea Butter soap topped with a glittered wreath. Fragrance of Almond Crumb is delightful during the winter months. Weight: 4 ounces
$ 5.00

Small Easter Egg Crate
Hop into Easter with this charming crate full of 6 real size eggs in pastel colors and 6 fragrances: Lavender/Lavender; Pink/Pink Sugar; Yellow/Lemon; Blue/Peppermint; Green/Kiwi; Orange/Orange. Great for either the kitchen or bath! Weight 7 ounces
$ 9.00

Chocolate Soap Bunny
Love chocolate? How about a four-inch chocolate soap bunny? Choose a milk chocolate bunny scented with Diva fragrance or the white chocolate bunny scented with white chocolate mousse fragrance. Weight: 4.5 ounces
$ 5.00


Small Bunny and Egg Crate
Darling 3.6 ounce chocolate bunny soap accompanied by 7 mini Easter eggs in lavender color and fragrance, yellow color and lemon fragrance and pink with cotton candy fragrance. All placed in a mini crate with pastel grass. Total weight: 5.7 ounces
$ 8.00

Winter Bliss
Three Shea Butter white pine trees glittered with silver in Almond Crumb fragrance oil, accompanied by several sleigh bells done rustic. All sitting in a clear box with brown crinkled paper. So pretty for a winter display in your powder room or kitchen for the winter months. Weight 10.5 ounces.
$ 20.00

Pine Cone Gift Set
Nice enough to include in a holiday centerpiece, these pine cone soaps are made with gentle Glycerin soap base. Scents are Silver Cone - Almond Crumb; Gold Cone - Warm Vanilla; and Brown Cone - Sandalwood. The three 2.2 ounce cones come in a red felt-lined wooden crate with a sprig of greenery and poinsettia flower accent.
$ 8.99

Snowy Pine Tree
Balsam and citrus fragranced Snowy Pine Tree made with glycerin soap. The snow adorning this 4-inch tree is made from shea butter soap. Comes to you on a square wooden soap deck. Would look nice in the powder room or kitchen for the winter months. Weight 4.7 oz
$ 6.25

Pine Tree Gift Set
Visions of choosing your own Christmas tree will come to your guests when you display this Pine Tree guest set. Made of Glycerin soap in three shades of pine green, each tree is 1.9 ounces and scented with Balsam and Citrus fragrance oil. Wooden soap deck included.
$ 8.99

Found 38 items, showing 1 to 10.    Next 10 Matches

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