Hummingbird Stone - Sealed
This stepping stone is made from gray Portland Cement. It is about 15 1/2" in diameter at the base and is about 1 1/4" thick. The stone is sealed but otherwise undecorated. See below for a fully decorated version. It is lovely in the garden. The stone should be taken indoors during the winter if your winters get below freezing. Price includes shipping to the Continental U.S.
$ 25.00

Hummingbird Stone - Painted
It's hard to believe this stone is from the same mold as the gray stone above. One hummer is sipping from its favorite red blossom while the other prepares to chase the first away (in typical mid-summer hummer behavior). The blue sky has a few wisps of cloud to give it depth. This stone is so gorgeous you may not want to put it in your garden. But click here to get a peek at what happens if you do. The stone is sealed and should last for years if kept from freezing. Price includes shipping to the Continental U.S.
$ 50.00

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