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Banana Split Soap
Oh so delicious looking banana split soap! Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream scoops with toppings of pineapple sauce and bits of pineapple, strawberry syrup with strawberry bits and chocolate topping. Two fulll-length banana slices, whipped cream sprinkled with pecan pieces and topped with cherries. Sent to you in a plastic banana boat. Weight 19 ounces
$ 25.00

Ice Cream Cone Soap
Delight the kids with summer fun in the tub with an ice cream cone soap. Choose from four fun fragrances with corresponding color: chocolate, lemon, strawberry and vanilla. They can be dipped in chocolate coating. Imagine the surprise on the kids' faces. Weight 6 ounces
$ 6.00


Ice Cream Sundae Soap
Love ice cream? Well, you can get it here in a soap - No Calories! Select your favorite; hot fudge, brownie hot fudge, strawberry, or caramel pecan sundae. Made with goat milk or shea butter soap, with toppings of glycerin base, finished with a cherry on top. Delivered in a plastic sundae cup. Weight
$ 7.50


Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
Yummy ice cream sandwich soap - how delightful sitting on your kitchen counter or in your powder room. Vanilla ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. Made with goats milk and shea butter soap. 2 per order Each sandwich weighs 3 ounces.
$ 8.00

Chocolate S'more Soap
Surprise your friends with these scrumptious chocolate creations. Chocolate graham crackers with the fragrance of black cherry bomb and marshmallow filling. They smell terrific and will delight your family and friends! Weight 3.5 ounces
$ 6.00

Jelly Bean Soap
What a unique bar of soap! Kids big and small love this one! Each color of jelly bean is a different fragrance: White-Coconut; Red-Black Cherry Bomb; Yellow-Lemon; Green-Kiwi; Lavender-Lavender Lime; Pink-Tutti-Fruity. All embedded in Glycerin soap base with a a sprinkle of glitter. Weight about 3.7 ounces
$ 7.00

Pansy Patch
Our signature soap, this bouquet of pansies will brighten any room. The soap base is goat milk, and the pansies are molded of aloe vera soap. Available in Violet Shea or Lavender fragrance. Weight: 6.0 ounces
$ 9.00


Cameo in Blue
Perfect for Mother's Day or other special occasion, this Cameo in blue goat's milk soap is sure to delight. This 3 oz bar is available in your choice of fragrance.
$ 4.99


Fragrance Intensity:

Honey Cameo Gift Set
This lovely cameo set is nature's gift for dry, sensitive or mature skin with honey soap's moisture holding capability. Available in natural honey or enhanced honey fragrance. The large cameo is a 3 ounce bar and is accompanied by two 1-1/2 ounce guest cameos delivered on a wooden soap deck.
$ 9.99

Lavender Cameo Gift Set
The creamy lather of Goat's Milk soap make these cameos a luxurious gift. Cello wrapped with a complementary bow, the large 3 ounce bar and 2 guest bars (1-1/2 ounce each) are placed upon a wooden soap deck. Lavender fragrance for an traditional touch.
$ 9.99

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